Examples of recent zoonotic disease outbreaks

Many examples of recent zoonotic disease outbreaks exists, e.g. Avian Influenza virus (both in our own region and globally), SARS (globally), Ebola Reston virus (Philippines), Nipah virus (Malaysia), Chikungunyah virus (Indonesia), Hendra virus (Australia). The economic costs of such outbreaks can be huge as exemplified by the examples below

Disease Economic Impact

SARS (2003)

Cost to East Asia in excess of US$40 billionGlobal cost approximately US$60 billion

Avian influenza

Direct economic cost currently more than US$20 billion

Nipah (1999)

Cost to Malaysia – estimated to be US$500 million


Cost to the UK – estimated to be US$7.5 billion

Bluetongue virus

France (2007): US$1.4 billionNetherlands: US$85 millionUnites States: US$130 million annually

Foot-and-mouth Disease (2001)

United Kingdom: US$355 billion

Equine influenza

Australia (2007): A$1 billion