New members to GCEID

New_membersPlease join us in welcoming Dr Tiffanie Nelson and Katrina Bellett who have recently commenced with GCEID.

Tiffanie Nelson joined GCEID as an Associate Research Fellow. Tiffanie is a microbial ecologist with strong research experience in molecular biology and human and wildlife host-associated microbiomes; environmental microbiology, epidemiology and ecology. Tiffanie will work across projects within GCEID researching aspects of emerging infectious disease in humans and animals employing a range of molecular biological techniques.

Katrina Bellett‘s role will be to provide administrative support to the Director of GCEID and to the various GCEID committees, in addition to providing grant and research project management support. Please note that a new email address has been established for GCEID administration

Specials thanks goes to Donna Killeen for supporting GCEID in an administrative capacity in the six months prior to Katrina’s commencement.