Bat’s immunity may hold key to preventing future Ebola outbreaks

Fruit batsBat’s immunity may hold key to preventing future Ebola outbreaks”. 16 October 2014. By Michelle Baker:

Bats are the natural host species for Ebola and a variety of viruses, many of which can be fatal when transmitted to humans. More than 100 viruses have been identified in bats and this number is rising each year.

African fruit bats first transmitted Ebola virus to primates and other species through contact with bat droppings, half-eaten fruit or bodily fluids of diseased bats. People are thought to have contracted the virus through contact with infected bats and primates.

Studying how bats control viral replication may unlock alternative mechanisms for tackling Ebola as well as other new and emerging infectious diseases……

Full text available at The Conversation: Bats can harbour viruses such as Ebola and don’t display clinical signs of disease.

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